PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Department Veterans and Military Support program is designed to provide grant opportunities to VFW Posts within the state in order to offer a wide range of assistance programs aimed at helping service members and veterans of every generation. As a veteran, you understand better than most what struggles and hurdles today's service members and veterans face. The Department of California Veterans & Military Support (VMS) program can provide grants to Posts to assist with Adopt-a-Unit activities and events that raise money for Unmet needs.  You are always there to help support military families before, during and after deployment and these resources are here to support you!


Military Assistance Program (MAP)

The Military Assistance Program (MAP) is the outstretched hand between the local VFW and military community, offering support around the world.  Since 2005, MAP has sponsored events supporting more than 2.3 million service members and their families. 



A large part of MAP is the Adopt-a-Unit program, providing VFW Posts and their Auxiliaries the opportunity to adopt hundreds of military units around the world. Adopt-a-Unit's goal is to develop supportive relationships with units before, during and after deployments to help deliver the vast network of resources the VFW has available to the military.


The Department VMS program may provide a requesting Post a grant to assist with sponsoring an event within their local military community.


Unmet Needs/Relief Funds

The Post Relief Fund may be used for the purposes of aid, assistance, relief, and comfort of needy or disabled veterans or members of the Armed Forces and their dependents, and the surviving spouses and orphans of deceased veterans. Eligibility for this assistance is not the same criteria as the National VFW Unmet Needs Program. 


The Department VMS program may provide a Post a grant to assist with conducting a fundraising event for the purposes of providing relief funds to qualifying persons.


VMS GRANT GUIDELINES:  To provide financial assistance to VFW Posts that sponsor events with the local military community or for fundraising to assist worthy veterans and/or their dependents. These funds are meant to build relationships and provide information on VFW programs and services.


How to apply for a VMS Grant:

  1. Only a VFW member may submit a VMS Grant Application.
  2. The Commander or Quartermaster must be aware and approve of the application.
  3. The grant for MAP events is limited to basic food items and Non-Alcoholic beverages for currently serving military and their family members only.  It does not cover equipment/venue rentals, gifts, decorations, entertainment, etc.
  4. The grant for Unmet Needs/Relief fundraising is limited to …….
  5. The grant does not cover public or formal events such as: Military Dining In/Out, Military Balls or Change of Command/Responsibility Ceremonies, etc.
  6. The grant application must be submitted no later than 21 days prior to the event. Any exceptions to this must be submitted in writing to the VMS Program Chairperson for approval.
  7. An After-Action Report along with eligible receipts must be submitted within 30 days of the event.  Non submission will result in the Post being billed for the grant amount.
  8. If the event receipts total less that the grant amount provided, the Post will be required to refund the difference within 30 days.
  9. If the event is cancelled a full refund is required.  If rescheduled for a later date, a written explanation must be submitted to the VMS Program Chairperson detailing the new dates. It will be determined by the Chairperson and the State Quartermaster whether a refund will be requested, or the Post will be allowed to keep the grant amount.


Note: Prior approval of similar events does not guarantee future approval. All applications must be signed and dated.


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Visiting the sick, whether they are in community hospitals, 

veterans’ hospitals, convalescent hospitals, rest homes or individuals recuperating at his or her own residence should be a prime objective of all members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.


Since the VA's Voluntary Service (VAVS) program's inception in 1946, our members and supporters have been volunteering their time at VA medical facilities nationwide, donating hundreds of thousands of service hours annually and providing much needed support and companionship to our nation’s heroes and their families.

Making the decision to volunteer and donate your personal time to our nation's heroes while they are receiving care at a VA facility is an amazing way to give back and thank those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  Everyone can help make a difference to a veteran and volunteering through our service program makes it easy!

The VFW VA Voluntary Service program offers a unique level of support and experience that only an organization with a strong service history like ours can provide. From experienced VFW mentors with a clear understanding of VA infrastructure and providing the support you need, to national recognition for volunteer accomplishments and dedication, we're here to ensure sure you get the most out of your volunteer service experience.

With over 6,000 regular volunteers at over 150 health care facilities, our volunteer representatives perform a vital role at VA health care facilities nationwide. We can help identify volunteer opportunities that align with your interests, such as sports and recreation, social work, arts and music, personal assistance, writing, chapel services, companionship, transportation, and escort services and so much more